An anthology comic to aid PTSD needs of survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire

Do you create comics?

Just one panel could make a difference!

Newsflash! Kieron Gillen (writer of The Wicked + The Divine, Phonogram, Young Avengers and much, much more) has joined us as editor-in-chief of 24Panels!

Following the successful and highly regarded 24 Stories anthology (now crowdfunding at Unbound) we are embarking on a parallel comic book project promoting themes of hope, community, positivity and unity in aid of PTSD related needs of Grenfell Tower survivors.

Your story can be anything up to 24 panels (yes!) and on any subject as long as they fall within our themes of hope, unity, positivity and community!

We will choose a selection of entries and publish them in the 24Panels book due for release Autumn 2018.

*If you aren’t already aware of it 24 Stories is an anthology of short stories, written on themes of community and hope; positive stories written by a mix of 12 established authors including: Irvine Welsh, Meera Syal, Christopher Brookmyre and Pauline Melville plus 12 previously unpublished writers.

How to submit your work

Your comic story can be anywhere between 1 and 24 panels, covering no more than 5 pages of a 16.84 x 26.01 cm (6.63″ x 10.24″) comic book (please allow 3mm bleed for full page images). Comics can come from any number of collaborators but be sure to name everyone involved!

Stories can be black and white or colour. In line with the themes of hope, unity, positivity and community, and the general audience, we cannot print comics containing extreme violence, bad language or explicit imagery. This does not mean there cannot be challenging themes, but they must be presented with care. It can be funny or serious or anywhere in between and in any art style as long as it conforms to our guidelines.

Please send in any image format available to you and include the name you would like to be credited with and a contact email address.

Copyright rests with the creator and we assume any entries come with permission for us to print.  We’ll feature suitable stories that didn’t make the book on this site.

Send your work, questions or comments to this email address:     

Submissions close 11:59pm June 30 2018!

All proceeds will be going to Trauma Response Network who are developing an early response service to events involving mass trauma in the UK